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Zzzopa Ball


  • Get a Meteor ZZZopa Ball to Play With in Many Ways! Fidget with this spinner hand toy, spin, balance, stack one on another, bounce back and forth, play with walls, play with friends, throw the fidget toy ball, and learn lots of fidget kids’ tricks!
  • A Genuine, Licensed ZZZopa Ball! The children toys manufacturer—P.M.I.—holds the Triple Tech Combo patent, so the mini toys are exactly like those originally invented in Oz. Encourage a physically active hobby in your kids with these small toys!
  • A Healthier Hobby for Your Kids! Having a fidget toy ball promotes more physical activity in the way your kids spend their leisure time, which is precious in this day and age when kids like to just stare at their phones all the time.
  • Use the Fidget Set To Reach Excellence! With fidget toys, kids get creative, but not all the imaginable tricks are easy to learn. Have the kid experiment with fidget packs every day, and they’ll soon surprise you with what they’re capable of.
  • Get The Entire 20 Color Ball Toy Collection! The hand fidget toys come in two collections—Sport (like GOALLL!, SlamDunk, and Homerun) and Fun (like Meteor, Thunder, and Swirl)—and in two sizes in each collection: Original (6 cm) and Mini (5.5 cm).


  • 18 ZZZopa Spinner Balls(Sports Edition)


Zzzopa is a fidget spinner meets ball. The Zzzip Bearing System™, Outer Poly-active Surface™, and CoreSpin Stabiliser™ give smooth spins, crisp bounces, and tighter tricks!

Each Zzzopa contains a high-quality bearing that sits on an axle within the center of the 2 inch ball. This means you can smoothly spin this yellow Zzzopa on your fingertips with speed, a spherical fidget spinner that’s perfect for restless hands! The outer poly-active surface allows for incredible crisp bounces, combine with different spins to bamboozle your friends with crazy tricks, spinning jumps and ricochets. The ultimate ball game of spin, bounce and throw – the new fidgety craze.