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ZINGO Bingo with a ZING


It’s not just bingo. It’s Zingo!, a matching game that encourages pre-readers and early readers alike to match the pictures and words to their challenge cards.
The Zingo! Zinger dispenses tiles and fun as young minds quickly race to be the first player with a full card and yell ”Zingo!”
With two levels of play, this matching game builds language skills through fast-paced play.
And it happens to be our top selling junior game.

– Voted TD Monthly Magazine Top-10 Most Wanted Games
– Nominated TOTY 2009 Best Toy of the Year



– Type: Family Games Our Top Ten Zingo! Games
– Skill: Word and Language Skills
– Age: 3 and Up
– Players: 2 or More Players

– 6 Double-Sided Zingo! Cards with 2 Levels of Play
– 72 Double-Sided Tiles
– Zingo! Zinger with Easy Cleanup
– Parent’s Guide

What’s in the box
2 Levels of Play
6 Double-Sided Zingo! Cards
72 Picture Tiles
Zingo! Zinger
Now with Easier Cleanup!