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Velcro toss and catch





Is there anything better than getting outside on a beautiful summers day and throwing a ball with a friend or family member? The smell of freshly cut grass, the countless laughs as someone drops the ball, the ice-cold glass of orange juice after working up a sweat. It’s almost like a dream!

With this super fun and incredibly easy-to-use Hook and Loop catch ball set, you are guaranteed to have hours of fun and laughs with your friends or family. In the set there are 2 pairs of comfortable catching mitts with nifty adjustable hand straps and 1 ultra-grip catch ball. All the equipment you need to have some proper outdoor fun!

Key Features:
– Adjustable catching mitts
– Durable catch ball
– Hoop and Loop
– Outdoor game

What’s in the box
1 x Ball
2 x Mitts