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Spinnobi spinner


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INNOVATIVE TOY DESIGN: The SPINNOBI UFO CLASSIC SPRINGING TOY is the new craze for young and old as it can do tricks and challenges while be taken and played with anywhere; available in 9 colors or a 4-pack, press it, spin it, bounce it in your hand, head, knee, or foot, dribble it on the table or floor, or in the air; compete against each other with bouncing challenges; each toy arrives with instructions and game tips in a gift box, ready for giving EVERYONE, IT’S SPRINGING TIME: Whether you are 13 or 63 years old, the SPINNOBI BOUNCING TOY is fun and engaging indoors or outdoors while helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and boredom in all ages; with an innerspring and hard plastic discs on its top and bottom to allow it to bounce, its spinning outer edge forces the holder to pay attention, keep the hand steady, and concentrate on the toy’s balance while doing amazing and fun tricks SAFE MATERIALS: Made of a non-toxic silicone body and a rust-free spring with ABS plastic tips, the SPIN TRICKS TOYS SPINNOBI weighs 2 ounces so carry it in a pants or jacket pocket, backpack, or bag; designed and engineered with safety first, it measures 3 inches round by 1.75 inches tall; its U.S. registered trademark and design are patent pending; similar to a hacky sack, yo-yo, spinner, or gyroscope, it is not suitable for those under 13 years of age MULTIPLE BOUNCING CHOICES: Because SPINNOBI focuses on producing the best product with the most fun and creativity in mind, we offer several creative and colorful designs that include UFO, Tornado, Star, and Razor shapes in single or bundled choices; choose from 9 colors or a 4-pack in classic solid, glow in the dark, and earth, wind, and fire two-color patterns; buy one or collect them all or give as a clever gift; get off the kids off electronics and bounce it.