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Pretend to spend wallet



  • Toy wallet with play money and write-on cards
  • Includes 14 play bills ($1S, $5S, $10S, $20S, $50S, $100) 19 play Coins (Pennies, Nickels, dimes, quarters)
  • Write-on cards include drivers license, bus and Rail pass, 2 coupons, and store, bank, charge, gym membership, health, library, and toy donor cards
  • Perfect for playtime errands and pretend shopping
  • 3+ years
  • Product: 26cm x 27.3cm x 2.54cm
  • Package: 27.1cm (H) x 25.9cm (W) x 3.8cm (L)
  • Weight: 0.1kg


Make playful purchasing exciting with this 45-piece pretend play wallet, filled with everything kids need to run errands and go on make-believe shopping sprees! The folding nylon wallet with a self-stick tab closure has a long pocket to tuck away 14 play money bills, a see-through pouch for the 19 play coins, and handy slots for organizing 11 write-on cards, including bank cards, drivers license, library card, bus pass, and more! There are even “”coupons”” so young shoppers always get the best deals!

Please note that this product has slight PACKAGING damage and thus the 20% discount. THE PRODUCT ITSELF IS IN PERFECT CONDITION