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Imagimags Marble run


Features and Benefits:

  • Open-ended play with Imagimags develops imagination, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • South-African owned, designed, and assembled. Carefully conceptualised based on local market research.
  • Clearest, most luminous, scratch-resistant tiles made from non-toxic recyclable plastic
  • The strongest magnets are ultrasonically welded in place allowing structures not possible with other tiles. Robust connectors on the chutes, slopes, and straights enabling sturdy interlocking with the magnetic connector tiles.
  • Compatible with other leading magnetic tile brands – add an abundance of Imagimags tiles to your existing collection


98 pieces in total – The Imagimags Marble Run Set includes a generous offering of 36 Connector Squares, colour-coded chutes, slopes, and straights, not found in other magnetic marble runs, as well as 2 transparent cups and six wooden balls. Allowing children to understand the scientific concepts of gravity, speed, angles, and momentum while building creative structures and watching the balls whizzing along. For hours of open-ended play, inspiring future-orientated thinking and complex design. Suited for children aged 5 years & older.