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Imagimags foundation set – 108 pieces


  • Open-ended play with Imagimags develops imagination, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • South-African owned, designed, and assembled. Carefully conceptualised based on local market research.
  • Clearest, most luminous, scratch-resistant tiles made from non-toxic recyclable plastic
  • Strongest magnets within ultrasonically welded in place allowing structures not possible with other tiles
  • Compatible with other leading magnetic tile brands – add an abundance of Imagimags tiles to your existing collection


The Imagimags Foundation Set is the perfect launch pad for open-ended play! With a generous offering of 4 bases, 3 shapes of triangles, 2 vehicles, and an abundance of squares and rectangles, your children can play collaboratively for hours. Let their imaginations take off! 24-page downloadable STEAM booklet included, where children can find inspiration for their builds and illustrate their designs. Suited for children aged 3 & older.