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Barbie colour reveal -neon fashion




Barbie Color Reveal Totally Neon Fashions doll gift sets deliver the ultimate unboxing experience with 25 surprises — kids open the box to find 15 mystery bags hiding surprises inside them and a Barbie Color Reveal doll. Take the Barbie Color Reveal doll, partially covered in a neon tie-dye coating and peel to reveal the look! Then open the mystery bags to find a pet puppy, clear boombox-shaped case and slime-sand, puppy skateboard, roller skates, tie-dye fashions, doll, a sticker sheet and two hair extension clips, one for Barbie doll and one sized for kids to wear. And the surprises continue…use icy cold water to activate color-change features, like on Barbie doll’s face, sunglasses and the pet puppy. With the use of warm and icy cold water, kids can repeat the wow color-change moments over and over again! Use the pieces to style and storytell with Color Reveal Totally Neon Fashions Barbie doll and her puppy, both ready for a neon skate party. Each set sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.