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Baby sweetheart Bath





Baby Sweetheart is a huggable and soft baby doll with an adorable Newborn look. Their cuddly polyester body and 12-inch size make Baby Sweetheart the perfect baby dolls for toddlers to easily carry with them and care for. Baby Sweetheart can be a Boy or a girl, it’s up to you! Baby Sweetheart bed time has beautiful bright-green eyes, Rosy round cheeks, and a mouth shaped perfectly for a bottle or a thumb. Notice the slightly sweet scent, just like a real baby! Each Baby Sweetheart comes with an easy-to-read themed storybook so you can practice reading your Newborn doll to sleep! The beautiful hand-painted illustrations help the story come to life. Practice putting your cuddly soft doll to bed with a pair of pretend baby monitors, and special pacifier.

What’s in the box
12-inch newborn baby doll wearing a cute onesie and headband, 1 soap dish with lid, 1 bar of soap, 1 baby powder bottle, 1 pacifier, 1 illustrated easy-to-read illustrated storybook.